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08.07.2010, 13:50

I'm looking for a ride to Almatrieb on the 13th or 14th from Munich.
We have checked trains and it looks like no trains depart after we land on the 13th :(

Anyone that can give me some tips on alternative ways of getting to the hill would also be appreciated.

Best regards


08.07.2010, 14:17
Hey Karl,

there are trains to almabtrieb, check the link:


i searched for trains at the 13th, 2am. there are 4 trainlinks a day!

you can also aks Koma Kino how he is getting from munich to almabtrieb, i know he has a ride with someone.

Contact Koma:

Best wishes, see you on the hill!


08.07.2010, 14:24
I´ll drive from Munich to the Almabtrieb in the early evening of July 14th.

Got space in the car.

08.07.2010, 16:09
Thanks for all the replies guys, all help is appreciated.

We land at 20.15 and the last train leaves at 16.42 so we wont make that train and the next train leaves 10:44 on the 14th which mean we will get there later then we wish.
Cause I'm guessing the freeride will start early on the 14th?

Sent a mail to the train travel service, they said we should take the train to Bogen instead of Neukirchen... Is that good advice or will we end up miles from the hill?

Olgi: Your a life save man! But wont we be arriving late to the hill? But beggars can't be choosers, and I'll take what ever I can get :)

12.07.2010, 17:04
hey olgi still got a free space? i need a ride early evening too. will be in insbruck during the day and not sure when i will be back in muc. but if u can tell me when you planning on heading out i can arrange to be back in munich by then. cheers

12.07.2010, 17:28
Hy Sophie,

ja, Lenny und ich hätten noch einen PLatz frei. Wir fahren am Mittwoch gegen frühen Abend los.
Du bist herzlich willkommen.


12.07.2010, 18:45
ah hi oliver, dachte mir schon das du dass bist aber sicher war ich mir mit olgi nicht. du ich schick dir mal meine handy nr dan koennen wir was ausmachen. lg sophie

13.07.2010, 09:26
leider faehrt der oli wohl a wenig zu freuh fuer mich. weiss jemand ob es einen bus von bogen aus zum hill gibt? wuerde dan am donnerstag gemuetlich mit dem zug kommen aber der banhof ist 10km vom berg. steffan hast du noch netzt oder schon in der pampa?