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26.08.2010, 00:18
Wie schnell fährt der schnellste aller schnellsten Longborder eigentlich?

Vmax eben?

26.08.2010, 00:19
Kevin Reimer holds the top unofficial speed on a skateboard that I'm aware of, at almost 80 miles per hour(ca 128km/h)! Kevin's speed was clocked using a GPS. He had no assistance from vehicles, he just pushed and got rolling to that speed (going downhill, no doubt!).

Genau sind es 77,8 Meilen gewesen (125,3km/h)


26.08.2010, 00:23
krass 130 okn! DERB!

26.08.2010, 00:26
Jaja, da weiss man wo man eines Tages hinwill

26.08.2010, 00:33
also ich weiss nicht, ob ich da unbedingt hin will :)

26.08.2010, 00:36
Jeder wie er mag:sk8:

26.08.2010, 01:01
gibt es davon nicht ein Video auf Youtube? Ich finds aber nicht. Ist nicht lang. Es geht durch leichte Kurven auf ner Waldstrasse.

26.08.2010, 01:27
Hab jetzt nur das vom Streetluge Weldrekord gefunden. Die haben nicht auch nur einen Strohballen an der Leitplanke vor der Geschwindigkeitsmessung platziert. Freaks!


26.08.2010, 02:09
"Die haben nicht auch nur einen Strohballen an der Leitplanke vor der Geschwindigkeitsmessung platziert. Freaks!!"

wär nur noch mehr Dreck zum weg putzen

26.08.2010, 09:15
Ich hab das Video nun gefunden. Da stehen aber 123,..km/h drauf. Ist bei Cooleyecompany auf der Seite.


26.08.2010, 09:58

IGSA Official World Speed Records:
Downhill Skateboarding: Mischo Erban (2009) 113.02 K/mh (70.23 mph)
Street Luge: Chris McBride (2009) 129.87 K/mh (80.70 mph)
Classic Luge: Chris McBride (2009) 122.97 K/mh (76.41 mph)

Bald könnte es schneller werden - die werden den Speedcheck dieses Jahr wieder machen und die Lichtschranken hoffentlich an der richtigen Stelle aufstellen. Dalua hatte an dem Hügel laut eigener Aussage schon 132 Km/h auf dem GPS.

von hier http://www.igsaworldcup.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=480&Itemid=465

26.08.2010, 13:15
gibt es davon nicht ein Video auf Youtube? Ich finds aber nicht. Ist nicht lang. Es geht durch leichte Kurven auf ner Waldstrasse.

26.08.2010, 21:01
Frag mich nicht. Steht auch nichts dazu. Frag mich wo Joachim (so hieß er doch) das her hat. Sieht auf jeden Fall zügig aus.

26.08.2010, 21:59
Batt. 135. Magun-Secret-Spot. Find den Link nichmehr. Zeigt bloß das GPS am Fuß und den Rollensound....

03.10.2010, 11:20

Aber abwarten. Teutonia steht noch bevor.

03.10.2010, 12:30
erst vor ein paar tagen hat mischo erban nen neuen offiziellen aufgestellt

ups hab den link oben noch nicht angeschaut sorry

14.11.2010, 14:53
Ribiero Sets IGSAStreet Luge Record at 133.82 km/h! (83.15 mph) (http://www.igsaworldcup.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=524&Itemid=465)
Watching a street luge make a high speed run at Teutonia is unlike any other race in the world. Street luge’s at Teutonia are nothing but a blur as they fly down the final straightaway. Even veteran downhill skateboarders will take a step or two back from the straw bales when the street luges are on course. The speed is that intense. Chris McBride set the Speed Record last year with a 129.87 km/h blast down Teutonia. This year there were a large number of Brazilian riders intent on reclaiming the record. In the end it was Walter Ribeiro setting the new IGSA Street Luge World Speed Record at 133.82 km/h. Tiago Antunes was second at 133.70 km/h and Leo Borton third at 132.85 km/h.

Malarrara Pro Teutonia Speed Run
Street Luge Top Ten
1. Walter Ribeiro, Brazil 133.82 km/h
2. Tiago Antunes, Brazil 133.70 km/h
3. Leo Borton, Brazil 132.85 km/h
4. Rodolpho Saldanha, Brazil 132.21 km/h
5. Jacques Alves, Brazil 131.20 km/h

15.11.2010, 11:21
Dominique Vukorep (Can): 100,4 km/h - Weltrekord für Frauen. Aufgestellt in Teutonia/Brasilien. Quelle Koma Kino Facebook

17.11.2010, 09:50
brianne davies mach euch alle platt !!! LOL !!!

05.12.2010, 20:38
http://www.longboardz.de/cms3/forum/images/icons/icon1.gif Neuer offizieller Rekord:

http://www.igsaworldcup.com/index.ph...498&Itemid=465 (http://www.igsaworldcup.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=498&Itemid=465)Stellungnahme von Chris Chaput (Quelle (http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/forum/longboarding-skateboard-vendors-manufacturers/103288-abec-11-updates-265.html#post1298455104)):

Originally Posted by thatoneblahguy http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/forum/images/buttons/viewpost.gif (http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/forum/longboarding-skateboard-vendors-manufacturers/103288-abec-11-updates-post1298453876.html#post1298453876)
any plans on setting a new igsa speed record since erban beat the old one?

Not at the momemt. Currently the idea of Mischo beating the "IGSA Official World Speed Record" is a bit of a joke. I will first say that 80mph is damn fast and Mischo deserves credit and respect for doing it. But what would have happened in the presence of competition? Would K-Rimes have gone faster and beat Mischo on Rist Canyon Road as he did in Teutonia a few days ago? Perhaps. But we'll never know. There has never before in the history of Downhill Skateboarding been a World Speed Record event without several racers competing for the title.

What started out as a CSU engineering student's experiment to set a baseline speed for an unfaired board and rider ended up as a spiffy media opportunity for Dan Gesmer's Seismic Wheels. Gary Fluitt is a super nice slalom guy who lives in Colorado and was asked to do the timing because he knows how to run the timer. Marcus of the IGSA basically rented out the timing system to these guys for the day. They go up to Rist and Mischo records a super fast time in a one-man outlaw race. That's right, it was an open road and no other racers were there. Dan asks Marcus if it can be an IGSA Official World Record and Marcus says yes. Later Marcus discovers that it was done on an open road and for the obvious insurance reasons, won't allow anyone else to make a similar IGSA Official World Record attempt. But he IS allowing Mischo's record to stand. WTF?

I'm sure that all of this will come across as sour grapes coming from me. But it's not just me that this is upsetting to. One person gets a shot on an 80mph hill and no one else is allowed to after that. Although IGSA's website tampers with the truth, there were NO IGSA officials present at the time, as in none whatsoever. The only thing "IGSA" about the experiment was the IGSA timing system that was rented out. Everyone else who wants to try and set a new record has to go to Brazil and try it on a 72mph hill. So K-Rimes goes 72mph and beats Mischo in Brazil and also breaks Mischo's world record from the year before, but Mischo holds the title? Dan advertises the world record, and no one is the wiser. I guess no one ever said that life was fair ...

05.12.2010, 21:04