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06.07.2012, 00:41
Hello GERMANY!!!!

2 Riders are coming to visit the Vaterland in August 20th and we are wondering who is down to come skate with us throughout germany!!!
We will be staying in Kassel,Hessen and bringing our board with us.. Who ever is down to come do some DH and exchange some knowledge, tricks and jokes u can write me an email on here and we will meet some where on a nice track!!! Cheers Dj and Roof from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

06.07.2012, 17:53
Hello Canada,

I live in Kassel. I'm not a Downhilldude but it would be cool meeting you and go skating with you guys.

edit: I don't know any jokes either

06.07.2012, 19:56
Did we meet at La Caserne some time last year? Like in august or september?

08.07.2012, 05:02
Hello well that would be cool, i dont know many Places where we could go skate i thought about tgr hercules well behind it is a nice stecke so let me know if u know any good ones.

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Hey i dont remember ur name so maybe we did