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11.01.2013, 19:43
LongboardZ.de und Funky Summer Longboard Berlin haben die große Ehre euch zur 1. Europäische Longboard Dancer Meisterschaft in Berlin einzuladen.

Vom 16. bis 18. August 2013 wird die Meisterschaft an zwei der besten Locations in Berlin ausgetragen.
Es wird drei Gruppen geben: Frauen, Männer und Jugendliche bis 15 Jahre.
Es können maximal 150 Dancer zeigen was sie drauf haben.

Wir haben schon heute Zusagen aus Holland, Frankreich, Spanien, Tschechien, Dänemark, Schweden und Polen.

Weitere Informationen zum Event und zur online Registrierung folgen.


LongboardZ.de and Funky Summer Longboard Berlin have the great honor to invite you to the 1st European Longboard Dancing Championship in Berlin.

The Championships will take place at two of the best locations in Berlin from 16 to 18 August 2013.
Just a maximum of 150 Dancer, devided in groups for women, men and children under 16 years, can show what they got.
We already have commitments from Holland, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

More information about the event and the online registration will follow.


mehr infos gibt es auch auf fatzebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/117445405095078/) - wo sich in den ersten 20 minuten schon über 90 leute angemeldet haben!!!

16.07.2013, 19:11
In 50 Minuten fängt die anmeldung für die europameisterschaft im dancen 2013 an, also um punkt 20:00 uhr!!! es sind nur 150 startplätze!!!


20.08.2013, 12:17
hier sind nun die ergebnisse wer europameister/in und deutschermeister/in geworden ist!!!
Qualifikation Woman

01 suave, esther 107,00
02 golz, melanie 75,33
03 bosmer, femke 73,00
04 blume, josefine 67,67
05 keser, debbi 67,22
06 steigner, katharina 64,44
07 bossma, marte 61,33
08 klunder, kim 60,22
09 vodvarkova, dasa 51,33
10 wienicke, sonja 47,11
11 Kubiak Ho-Chi Alexandra 44,33
12 Hartung, luisa 35,89
12 schukalla, Daniela 35,89
14 pletting, kimmy 34,89

Top 8

suave, esther
golz, melanie
bosmer, femke
blume, josefine
keser, debbi
steigner, katharina
bossma, marte
klunder, kim

Top 4

suave, esther
golz, melanie
bosmer, femke
klunder, kim

Top 2

golz, melanie
bosmer, femke

Winner Woman

golz, melanie

Final Result Eurodance Championchip 2013 by LongboardZ.de

01 golz, melanie
02 bosmer, femke
03 suave, esther
04 klunder, kim
05 blume, josefine
06 keser, debbi
07 steigner, katharina
08 bossma, marte
09 vodvarkova, dasa
10 wienicke, sonja
11 Kubiak Ho-Chi Alexandra
12 Hartung, luisa
12 schukalla, Daniela
14 pletting, kimmy

Qualifikation Men

01 lamaali, lotfi 281,67
02 alepuz, alberto 252,67
03 perigault, laurent 245,00
04 Lehmann, Lanko 240,00
05 naumann, wolf 240,00
06 brouwer, luutse 238,33
07 ellis, jeff 233,33
08 fölster, carl 228,33
09 sam, daniel 225,00
10 van ginkel, paul 220,00
11 rohde, arto 220,00
12 creo fernandez de lis, luis 216,67
13 Wilke, Hannes 215,00
14 schalkx, gijs 211,67
15 schröter, jonathan 210,00
16 yussuf, guleed 210,00
17 markgraf, peter 208,33
18 preioni, morgan 208,33
19 möbus, jan 208,33
20 tiel groenestege, thomas 206,67
21 nicolas, peirö 201,67
22 van dijken, roderick 201,67
23 paquet, milano 200,00
24 peters, marius 198,33
25 frouws, maarten 198,33
26 jeskulke, christian 198,00
27 schmid, rene 195,00
28 wildberger, werner 195,00
29 haarhuis, jon 193,33
30 Bauch, Martin 191,67
31 dziumla, patrik 188,33
32 van den brink, freek 188,33
33 lahr, peter 186,00
34 nickel, adrian 183,00
35 may, robert 182,67
36 stein, steffen 181,67
37 eberlein, sebastian 178,00
38 denker, lasse 176,67
39 kümper, max 176,67
40 brettschneider, marcel 175,00
41 reschke, steffan 174,67
42 gödtel, daniel 173,33
43 smets, fabian 173,00
44 stiewe, sinon 166,67
45 kolb, xaver 161,67
46 avram, andreas 161,67
47 Schmidt Steffen 146,67
48 tewong, danny 146,33
49 Kneer, deniz 136,33
50 Viegen, Sietse 133,33
51 arsenidis, simon 131,67
52 gonzalez, marcos 123,33
53 steinecke, marek 114,33

Top 16

lamaali, lofti
alepuz, alberto
perigault, laurent
Lehmann, Lanko
naumann, wolf
brouwer, luutse
ellis, jeff
fölster, carl
sam, daniel
van ginkel, paul
rohde, arto
creo fernandez de lis, luis
Wilke, Hannes
schalkx, gijs
schröter, jonathan
yussuf, guleed

Top 8

naumann, wolf
Lehmann, Lanko
brouwer, luutse
ellis, jeff
lamaali, lofti
sam, daniel
van ginkel, paul
rohde, arto

Top 4

naumann, wolf
brouwer, luutse
ellis, jeff
lamaali, lofti

Top 2

ellis, jeff
lamaali, lofti

Winner Man

ellis, jeff

Final Result Eurodance Championchip 2013 by LongboardZ.de

01 ellis, jeff
02 lamaali, lofti
03 brouwer, luutse
04 naumann, wolf
05 Lehmann, Lanko
06 sam, daniel
07 van ginkel, paul
08 rohde, arto
09 alepuz, alberto
10 perigault, laurent
11 fölster, carl
12 creo fernandez de lis, luis
13 Wilke, Hannes
14 schalkx, gijs
15 schröter, jonathan
16 yussuf, guleed
17 markgraf, peter
18 preioni, morgan
19 möbus, jan
20 tiel groenestege, thomas
21 nicolas, peirö
22 van dijken, roderick
23 paquet, milano
24 peters, marius
25 frouws, maarten
26 jeskulke, christian
27 schmid, rene
28 wildberger, werner
29 haarhuis, jon
30 Bauch, Martin
31 dziumla, patrik
32 van den brink, freek
33 lahr, peter
34 nickel, adrian
35 may, robert
36 stein, steffen
37 eberlein, sebastian
38 denker, lasse
39 kümper, max
40 brettschneider, marcel
41 reschke, steffan
42 gödtel, daniel
43 smets, fabian
44 stiewe, sinon
45 kolb, xaver
46 avram, andreas
47 Schmidt Steffen
48 tewong, danny
49 Kneer, deniz
50 Viegen, Sietse
51 arsenidis, simon
52 gonzalez, marcos
53 steinecke, marek

Junior bis 15 Jahre

1 Platz kriehmig, konrad
2 Platz kalpein, Simon

32562 32561 32563

fotos: http://mysabo.blogspot.de/2013/08/1st-european-longboard-dancing.html

videos: http://gleiten.tv/index.php/video/action/view/v/1273/page/322/

bericht: http://blog.timply.com/event-tipps/eurodance-1st-european-longboard-championship/

mehr auf facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/117445405095078/

have fun!!

fränky 8)

20.08.2013, 12:41
es war geilo bei euch in Berlin dank an dir Fränky für das fette Event.

20.08.2013, 13:09
Jupp, fettes Event, danke, Fränky!

20.08.2013, 14:52
hier ein paar kommentare aus facebook:

Lotfi Lamaali

I can not find the words to describe this weekend aside maybe the word WOW !
It was one of the most intense skating experience I've ever had . What is an
intense skating experience, you would ask? I will tell you meeting awesome
human beings and great riders, being able to share the love of longboard
dancing with them, having a lot of fun , being boosted by the crowd scream
while feeling sooo exhausted to continue skating ( and what a freaking crowd
was out there !) .

A HUGE thanks to FunkySummer longboard shop for this great event ,
To Frank sommer of course for being such a wonderful organizer and animator!
Thanks also to all of you guys who joined us and supported us till the end even
under the rain you were absolutely an amazing audience ! From Paris with love
— hier: Paris, France.

Guleed Yussuf

So much energy, stoke and insparation! Those two days felt like a week because
we where so in the NOW! Felt like a kid at summercamp Thank you MUCHACHOS,
FREUNDEN, COPAIN and friends for an experience that will stay with me for life!
Canary islands, Madrid and Paris are in the plans, lets go! SKATEORDIE

Jeff Ellis

So after letting the whole weekend sink in and doing absolutely nothing today,
I gotta say that this was truly one of the greatest experiences skating has
given me - and beyond that aswell.

I just want to say thanks to Franky for organizing the event, everyone of the
riders who gave it their all and all the people who made the Eurodance an oh
so special experience by helping, saying hello and/or being loud as fuck.
It's still nothing but surreal to me. I'm grateful to have been part of this
and being able to meet loads of special people and witness the best skating
not only in Europe but worldwide. Let's do this again someday. It was a blast!


Luutse Jochem Brouwer

Whoever says that longboarding is for kids who never learned to do an Ollie
clearly hasn't been to the European Longboard Dancing Championship in Berlin.
I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everybody who joined, supported, screamed,
filmed and shot photos. The finals downstairs were totally insane. And I mean TOTALLY insane!
The quarter finals against Daniel were the most intense two minutes of skating of my life
and I'm so happy Daniel was part of that!

I can talk about this forever, but I won't. I just want to say that the best thing of
the weekend was the third run of Guleed and Lotfi. Everything went wrong and they ended
up skating each others decks! To me, that's the true spirit of longboarding. Having fun
with (a LOT) of friends!

Congrats Jeff! I'm proud that you've skated a Platypus!
Congrats Lotfi! You could be an excellent pizza chef!
Congrats Melanie, Femke and Esther Suave! I love you all!

Thank you all so much! From me, Kimmy and the whole Simple Longboards team!



And Wolf, together until the end!

Jimmie Humuhumunukunukuapuaa

Geile Leute, geile Location, geiles Team, geile DJ's, Sahne Boarder/innen und ein Hammer
Veranstalter - da könnten sich einige mal was abschneiden... KRASSER TAG - wünschen morgen
viel Erfolg und haut ordentlich aufn Putz - Grüße aus der Prignitz

21.08.2013, 16:19
Kimmy PlettingOkay this post still needs to be made. All the words I put down here will fall short to the actual reality of this weekend.
However I will try to make an impression for the people who weren't there.

This weekend was unbelievable. We went to Berlin for a longboard dancing contest, but we got so much more!
All the skaters from our team (Simple Longboards) had excellent rides and Jeff (https://www.facebook.com/deliraire) even made it to number one!
My hubby, Luutse (https://www.facebook.com/Luutse), got third place but I am so proud of the way he has come since starting with Simple.

To the girls I just need to spend an individual paragraph. Our teamrider Femke (https://www.facebook.com/femke.bosma.71) got second place for the women and the first place was taken by dear friend Melanie (https://www.facebook.com/melanie.golz.9).
But it wasn't about the winning, it was about the experience we girls had together. Normally I distance myself from such claims as 'girl stoke',
but this weekend it was definitely alive! Never felt so much love and never seen such good skating.
My own run, especially the second, felt like winning for myself. I skated the best I ever had and the feeling was fenomenal!

Apart from the skating I've had so much fun and the team really felt like a family. I also want to especially thank Ca Lypso (https://www.facebook.com/ca.lypso.71) and So A Pipn (https://www.facebook.com/soapipn) for offering such hospitality and happy faces!
You offered us way to much and I would be proud of myself if I can ever repay for the generosity this people have!

I also met so much new amazing people and look forward to seeing you all again! Keep the love and the dancing up!

See you in Cologne, Paris, Madrid, Lanzarote, Hamburg and Berlin! And ofcourse at So... You Can Longboard Dance 2014 in February, be prepared...