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18.04.2016, 20:50
Ein Freund aus SŁdafrica hat uns ein Nettes Review geschickt, das ich euch nicht vorenthalten will.


Itís not often Iím asked to write about skating. Usually, Iím selling shooters to
barely legal teens or leather jackets to aspiring bikers. But itís 8pm and luckily
Iím no longer at work.

I remember the first time I saw M-specs. Their dark copper look had caught
my attention and the narrow I-beam hangers were sending a message I could
only interpret as Ė Business Only. All right, Iím listening.
100ks an hour top to bottom they said. I was riding M-specs for the first time.
In my head, it boiled down to one simple truth. If I made it in one piece, the
trucks were probably OK. GoPro on? Letís bomb. I had just woken up.
The next 10 minutes were surprisingly humdrum. Smooth. Solid.
Uncompromising. The front truck produced the turn and the back followed
without a fuss. Thank 1.5mm positive rake front, 1.5mm negative rear, and
Skoaís oversized pivot cups for the flawless delivery. The setup felt good, so I
put the 26 baseplate aside for special occasions and switched to the more
responsive 42.

I was now skating in the wet, and once again, the trucks let me worry about
my lines only. The 160mm hangers gave plenty of grip, which meant that
keeping the wheels planted on corner entry became routine. But wet riding is
a bit too delicate to fully understand a truck. A final test would have to happen
on a dry racetrack.

Narrower hangers give more grip. Donít argue. Itís physics. And although the
M-specs come in three axle widths, I felt that the widest option (160mm) was
all the grip I needed. In fact, I was terrified by it on my first runs. I wanted to
slide and the trucks wanted to stick. So I held on to my shriveling balls and
went faster, much faster. Itís as if the trucks were daring me to do just that. To
find my limit, see how far I could push. A couple runs later, I was cranking into
dippers with the level of comfort Iíd only experienced in my bed after a 12-
hour flight. The biggest surprise then came with high-speed drifting. Load your
wheels, let your puck touch the road, and before you realize it, youíve just
busted the smoothest slide ever. Be careful though, as they do have a deep
hookup if your composure isnít right. But when youíre focused, the reward and
consistency is unparalleled. Fresh wheels or scrubs.

Verdict: If you want to bomb puck down, buy M-specs today. Theyíll get the
best out of your riding. But if you want to keep your paws clean, youíll have
more fun on Vapors.

- Tom Courly