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31.03.2008, 14:26
GreenSkate.org 2008 has been launched . It is my job get the word out their about the international community cruise on april 22 (earth day are you interested) this will be the worlds largest single
day longboard cruise(i hope) to promote longboardings as renewable form of
transportation. All that is required from you is the promotion of this
event locally( forum posts) and sending us the location(google map)
and time where riders from the area can meet on april 22nd
(earth day) and go for a ride. Greenskate would like some feed back
like pictures and or the number of riders attending so we can publish
how many riders participated in Greenskate.

Vancouver, brazil,chile, switzerland,Vernon,edmonton,calgary,nealson all on board

looking forward to a positive response
Ross (the boss) Baradoy(ross.baradoy@gmail.com)

if you cannot help with this can you forward this message to someone else

03.04.2008, 04:10
so is anyone in for a greenskate in germany

03.04.2008, 06:56
sorry ross.
usually questions are answered within a few minutes here, but in this case - to be honest, personally i didn t get an idea of what greenskate is, wants or means.

04.04.2008, 22:23
@ hekmati:

does this answer your question? Have a look at their page:

"...promoting eco-friendly transportation and minimizing personal carbon footprints. Presented by the Speedboard and Longboard Association of Calgary..."

i think this is an interesting and important action. what up Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Konstanz, München, ...???

11.04.2008, 09:53