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Dirty Harry
15.05.2008, 16:33

hallo boaderfriends des dirts ´n jumps
am 4-6 July 2008 findet der BoarderX Cup in Bad Wildbad statt
Kathegorien;Mountainboard und Dirtsurfer
Disziplinen; BoarderX - Dulal Slalom - Freestyle Jump
donnerstag 3 freitag 4 training
samstag qualy-race - party
sonntag 6= ausweichtag oder freerides

wir würden uns auf eine rege teilnahme aller Mountainboarder/ Dirtsurfer sehr freuen.
NIXED Sports
Nihat Uysal
p.s. die seite wird die tage noch mit mehr infos gefüttert

15.05.2008, 20:33
WOW Sieht ja verdammt geil aus !
hmm mal überlegen...

Dirty Harry
16.05.2008, 14:09
hier ein schmuse-video zum Kurs

rob das kannst dir auch nur anschauen wennsd willst.
kannst anschiessend mit mir nach fra

Dirty Harry
27.05.2008, 21:51
Das Event Ist Verschoben Auf Mitte August!!!

Dirt McGirt
28.05.2008, 21:09
Das Event Ist Verschoben Auf Mitte August!!!

:pro::pro:, dan geht's mir auch besser.

Dirty Harry
06.06.2008, 13:07
also am 2-3 August findet der BoarderX Contest statt.
infos und register unter

Dirty Harry
09.08.2008, 02:05
Danke an alle die dabei waren
leider nur in english
a video of the Latvian Team released lately
thank you very much for the vid!

The 2nd Official European Championships

Hot Heat At Wildbad (14 Riders Put to the Chase!)

By:Aaron Issues

The weekend was victorious for the Nixed team, Nihat Uysal and Markus hutter defended thier terf against the best Swiss, Latvian, Italian and long awaited Canadian Rider and US champion Aaron Issues. The Race Day started with two qualifying runs to rank the riders in fastest to slowest times, from here 8 of the best riders went on to the quarter finals. Ueli Gut (Swiss), with the best qualifying time of 1:24, and Mark Hutter with 1:25, rocked the race as though it was already thier prize. Hansueli(Swiss), Nihat(Germany), Evo(Latvia), Ueli Girlfreind (Swiss), Aiffi(Swiss) and Aaron Issues(canada) all had qualifying times 10 seconds behind or more.

Quarter Finals

The Racers were divided into 2 man heats, the first rider is released 10 seconds before his opponent, at the finish line is the judge who times the race. If the 1st rider is 10.1 seconds ahead of his opponent he is the victor. Meaning the opponent (released 10 seconds after at the start line) must chase his opponent down to 9.99 seconds or less to knock him out of the race. Ueli Gut destroyed his Girlfriend (Quarter finals opponent) Uli Stober. Nihat wasted Canadian Aaron Issues, who was badly injured the day before. Markus Hutter Destroyed Evi Aebli (swiss). And Hansueli knocked out Evo Sarjia to narrow it down to the Final four.

Semi Finals

Now Came the hot heats of the day, German Nihat Uysal and Swiss Ueli Gut faced each other bones and blood- Ueli was released first, leaving a trail of dust in the eyes of Nihat, and to everyones suprise Ueli had taken a small fall on the course to botch his time and destroy the chance for Glory as the European Champ. German Markus Hutter put Swiss Hansueli out of his misery and now the Finals were a battle of German Blood.


Nihat Uysal of Nixed was released First and Markus Hutter 10 seconds after. I ran away from the paramedics (cleaning my wounds) to see the action at the finish line. Nihat crossed the finish and immediately turned around to count the seconds for Markus. Then a reaction after about 15 seconds, the paramedics were called to the bottom quickly and Nihat ran back on to the course. Hutter had fallen at the last drop of doom (2 seconds before the finish line) where I had my gnarly crash the day before. Hutter was fine except for a small bruise on his shoulder.

Consolation Finals

5th and 6th qualifiers (me) Aaron Issues and Evo Sarjia Faced each other to decide the fastest of the slowest. Evo was released First and I soon after. As I crossed the finish line I was sure that i had lost. But the Finish line judge Heinz Betz looked at the clock to his suprise and showed the time on the stop watch of 9.75 seconds. This was by far the closest race of the day. Now Canada and Latvia are hungry to battle for glory on German Land next year to find justice!

Congratulations to Nihat who may have had a strike of luck, or maybe is just that good! Next year we'll find out when more riders from Canada come to steal the Title 'European Champion''.

1st: Nihat Uysal (Ger/Tr)

2nd: Markus Hutter (GER)

3rd: Hansueli Bruelisaur (CH)

4th: Ueli Gut (CH)

5th: Aaron Issues (CAN)

6th: Ivo Sarjia (LV)

7th: Uli Stober (CH)

8th: Evi Aebli (CH)

9th: Ansis Vilaus (LV)

10th:Gattis Vilaus (LV)

11th: Sebastian Bassler (D)

12th: Sebastian Brini (ITA)

13th: Artur Henning (RUS) DNF

14th: ??? (LV) DNF

And a Special Thanks to:

Bikepark Bad Wildbad
Heinz Betz
Charlotte Schwarz

Artur Henning
Malte Kraus and Maik for taking footages the whole day

Simone & Juergen for moderation

City Bad Wildbad

and a massive special thanx to Gregor and his Team, for preparing the course in a very very good condition for the dirtsurfer riders.

Dirty Harry
20.08.2008, 21:03
hier nun das Video vom Event.


Dirty Harry
24.08.2008, 03:46
die mucke hier passt besser


26.08.2008, 10:49
das muß ich jetzt sagen,ihr scheißt euch ja alle recht ein.
ich dachte da geht was,aber das ist ja echt ne mühte sache der boarder x.
gebt mal gasssssss jungs,ihr seit männnnnner oder?????
gruß :no:

Dirty Harry
04.09.2008, 13:10
ok, ich bin ein pisser, Du bist der Määhn, du wirst im ganzen land gesucht!

Dirty Harry
10.11.2008, 00:41
endlich nach monaten langen warten...
Danke an allen die da waren

10.11.2008, 11:54
Pussy Pusy Pussy!!!!
Black Pussy White Pussy Yellow Pussy!!!!

Die Mucke is einfach nur viel zu geil!!!

!!!ROLL ON!!!

Dirty Harry
11.11.2008, 01:55
du hast da was vervechselt mit den pussys
dum das video handelt es sich gerade

11.11.2008, 12:21
Fand das andere weit cooler ;)