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    Our Downhill Speedboard is a hand made composite construction made of a 18 mm high density polyurethane foamcore shaped towards the edges to ensure an elegant thin transition to a thickness of 5 mm. The nose and the tail around the flush cuts is reinforced birchply to ensure a better impact resistance and a good, secure mount for the trucks. The core has a prime cover of several unidirectional carbon strips to prevent the board to twist. Finally, the outer shell is a dual layer of carbon twill that is wrapped around the whole board to ensure a stiff product with a glass finnish.

    We use a transparant UV-proof epoxy that will not turn yellow nor desintegrate in sunlight. The epoxy ratio is 50% on the top and 70% on the bottom. It comes delivered with screen printed logo on both sides (as shown) and a transparent griptape. Due to the light wheight construction and the air filled foam core you may encounter a resonance sound from the tarmac. The board is tested at 90+ km/h and is steady as a rock. A common set up for this model is a Randal R-II baseplate and a Randal DH hanger (or Randal Comp II) with blue or black Khiro bushings and 83 mm Flywheels of preferred duro. The wheel clearance is designed to max 90 mm wheels on a 170 mm hanger but a wider hanger will fit larger wheels.


    Basic facts:

    Measurements 105 x 26 cm

    Wheel base ca 85 cm

    Weight: ca 700 g (+/- 30 g) for a low mass (faster acceleration, shorter decceleration)

    Concave 12 mm with flat center surface for a steady stance

    Flush cuts Routed to fit both Randal DH- and Randal R-II standards baseplates. A Magun baseplate fit is optional.

    Price/deck 250 Euro + shipping

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    just remember... there are no stupid questions. just stupid people who act like they know everything... everybody has to start somewhere, you'll figure it out soon enough


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      Cool aber ein wenig kurtz !
      Downhill Skating Wien


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        aber verflucht leicht <:


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          mal grundsaetzlich: ist leicht nun gut oder schlecht? was sollte ein setup wiegen? mein landy ist mit allem bei 3.5 kg
          OLSON & HEKMATI


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            Das ist ein wenig das selbe, wie mit den Rollen.

            leicht: beschleunigt besser, bremst schneller (weil es weniger träge Masse hat)
            schwer: erreicht höheren Top-Speed (weil mehr träge Masse gegen den selben Luftwiderstand kommt), hat vermutlich besseren Halt in den Kurven (wäre auszudiskutieren.. ;) )

            Wo kommt das Brett da oben eigentlich her?
            Dein hilfreicher Beitrag wäre doch bestimmt auch im LongboardWiki gut aufgehoben, oder? - -


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              ...ja sieht geil aus....
              wir wolln einen link.... :-D :-D :-D


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                das forum

                die website


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                  250 € sind auch nicht grad wenig
                  Downhill Skating Wien