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Ladera "Respect Roots 38"

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  • Ladera "Respect Roots 38"

    Neues Laderadeck. Infos bei Silverfish Longboarding:

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    schaut fett aus...erinnert mich an mein altes sector9 cosmic.


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      Ladera Purple Heart

      Das neue old school deck von Ladera ist da und wurde auf der ASR präsentiert:

      It’s nicely made and it turns out there’s a cool story behind it: see, when the three Ladera dudes were in High School, they took a woodworking class that required a “project” to complete the course. Since they were already making their own longboards, they figured to make a hardwood skateboard and were sent by the teacher into a dusty attic to find wood. What they found were a stack of solid Purpleheart minis, produced by their teacher in the 1970’s and long-forgotten. Those decks became the inspiration for the entire Ladera Longboards operation, and this deck is traced directly from one of them.
      No, it’s not solid Purpleheart. That would be obscene. It’s dyed ply, with a little Concave, a kicked nose the original didn’t have and super-turny Bennetts. It's got some nice pop, not too much flex and feels graet underfoot.


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        nettes deck bastian...
        hast du die anderen ladera's auch wieder???

        fränky 8)
        just remember... there are no stupid questions. just stupid people who act like they know everything... everybody has to start somewhere, you'll figure it out soon enough


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          Hmm, die Grafiken werden ja doch langsam immer besser. :)
          Dein hilfreicher Beitrag wäre doch bestimmt auch im LongboardWiki gut aufgehoben, oder? - -