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Standalone pucks for gloves

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  • Standalone pucks for gloves


    I have been looking for this products everywhere, but cannot find it.

    I have a few really nice non-longboard gloves that I love and they are perfect for use when riding, however they have no pucks for sliding, obviously.

    So I was thinking that there must be a product on the market that would essentialy be longboard pucks that would be attachable to any gloves. I imagine simply pucks on straps that go around the hand (perhaps around the back of the hand and also around the wrist, just to be more secure). Do you know what I mean?

    I have found no such product. Just normal longboard gloves with pucks and dettachable pucks with velcro for longboard gloves. Nothing universal. that would go with any gloves (or without them).

    Do you know of any such product I could use, please?

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    AW: Standalone pucks for gloves

    Straps around your hand sounds very unsafe and uncomfortable.
    How about you put some Velcro patches on your gloves, it's supereasy and lasts longer than the gloves if you use the right glue.
    Shoegoo or UHU shoe and leather adhesive work fine. Just make sure to apply it correctly, instructions come with the products.


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      AW: Standalone pucks for gloves

      You could try Pro-tec Lo Pro Slides.
      They could work for you.