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Swiss guy wanna ride!

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  • Swiss guy wanna ride!

    Hi everyone! I am from Geneva, Switzerland, I came today to Berlin and I'm going to stay one month for vacation. I ride downhill since last year in Switerland and I'm looking for riding while I'm staying here. I left my board at home but I checked on the internet to buy a new board here, I hope I will have the time to buy it tommorow or the day after.
    I don't know anything about longboarding in Berlin so if someone could tell me where your good roads are it will be nice :up:

    Sorry to write that in english but my german is very very bad:feiven:

    I hope I could join one of your session soon!


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    AW: Swiss guy wanna ride!

    Hi Arki!
    The Shop that belongs to this Forum is located on Berlin

    Funky Summer
    Tegeler Str. 30
    13353 Berlin Wedding

    Tel. 030 / 89750800

    Mo-Fr 16:00 - 20:00 Uhr
    Sa 12:00 - 16:00 Uhr

    Did I get that right that you want to buy a new Board only for one month of vacation?


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      AW: Swiss guy wanna ride!

      Exactly, I already checked this shop a few days ago, but I'm looking for a Landyachtz killswitch, and I didn't found it on the web site. An other shop (the name is Lassrollen I think but I'm not sure) sells it with the trucks and the wheels that I want. But I think I'll go to Funky Summer one of this days, it's close to where I stay.


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        AW: Swiss guy wanna ride!

        you won't find a landyachtz killswitch ;)
        only a rayne killswitch
        The Empire is watching you.

        Longboards bauen mit Willy Werkel


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          AW: Swiss guy wanna ride!

          fuck you're right, it's the switchblade that I want, their name are close, I always make the error. :p


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            AW: Swiss guy wanna ride!

            Ok, bought my board today, switchblade was sold out so i bought the switch. Does anyone wants to ride t-berg one of these days?