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It's me having fun!!

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  • It's me having fun!!

    Last weekend we set a GS course on a steep hill that could be ridden by 2 riders at the same time. That was really fast and fun. The course was set like this:

    ////////////////////// .^-------^-------^.

    .^-------^-------^. /////////////////////

    ////////////////////// .^-------^-------^.

    etc... ( the whole course had 11 sets of cones set like that )

    The rider on the right lane keeps that one till the end of the course. The same happens to the guy on the left one. It's amazing to ride the cones with the other guy just at your side but the lanes should be kept precisely in order to avoid one rider coming in front of the other.

    Some pics of my friend ( no helmet :roll: ) and I riding the course:

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    Nice! We also had had the vague idea of setting up a giant slalom course, but this double slalom idea makes it more fun definitely. We have to try that.

    Hey franky, is there any option for us to add a Giant Slalom contest to our race next month? That'd be too cool 8)
    Dein hilfreicher Beitrag wäre doch bestimmt auch im LongboardWiki gut aufgehoben, oder? - -