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Ihr seid lächerliche alte Säcke ...

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  • Ihr seid lächerliche alte Säcke ...

    Auch England hat seine Bianca:
    nuff said

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    AW: Ihr seid lächerliche alte Säcke ...

    Nicht zu vergleichen mit Bianca. Wirklich nicht:

    That said, I'm not sure if my utter disdain towards the gnarly hipster is born out of jealousy or disgust. Do I hate him because he's an utter fool, or do I hate him because secretly I want to skateboard too? Could he actually be in the right, despite looking so ridiculous? After all, as I slowly walk home like every other boring dad, he's certainly the one a) getting home first, and b) having the most fun...

    However (and this is a big however), when you think about it, skateboarding is actually quite a sensible mode of transport. Quicker than a jog, greener than a car, skateboards surf pavements rather than annoy taxis on the road like bikes so often do. You can take one on a train and not clog up the whole aisle, then store it under your desk at work. For commuting they make so much sense, yet they're also still possibly the most fun mode of transport since the space-hopper. Why shouldn't a grown man skateboard?
    Von soviel Reflexion kann unsere liebe Bianca nur träumen.
    wo liegt eigentlich der hund begraben?