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2006 IGSA European Championships: The Netherlands.

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  • 2006 IGSA European Championships: The Netherlands.

    2006 IGSA European Championships

    The International Gravity sports Association (IGSA) and the Benelux Gravity Sports Association (BGSA) are very pleased to announce the IGSA European Championships will be held in Valkenburg, Netherlands on June 23-25, 2006. This will be an IGSA Continental level event.

    This event will serve as the kick off to an incredible 2006 European race season that will see four big events held over four consecutive weeks. Following the race in Valkenburg will be three IGSA World Cup events scheduled for July 3-7 in Are, Sweden, July 12-15 in Jungholz, Austria, and July 17-22 in Scheid, Switzerland. This promises to be the most significant and memorable four weeks in the history of gravity sports.

    European Championship details:

    Dates: June 23, 24, 25, 2006
    Event Schedule: Friday practice, Saturday Practice & Qualifying, Sunday Racing.
    Host City: Valkenburg, Netherlands.

    Race Track: 1.8 km in length. Gradient is between 4% - 14%.
    Details on the track: Haybales along the entire length of the track.
    Prize money: still working on it but will be significant.
    Riders meals will be provided by the organization.

    Lodging: Organization is working on reduced / free overnight stay in hotels or campground for the riders.

    Entry fee:
    First discipline: € 30,-
    Extra disciplines: + € 15,-

    Disciplines of racing:
    Downhill Skateboarding / Street Luge / Classic Luge / Gravity Bike / Dirtsurfer

    Website of the race will be online coming week + Online registration form

    Extra features:
    Racing, music, Dutch party favors, Dutch girls and lots of free condoms Wink
    Big Party and after Party in Town Center after Finals with live music and DJ's.

    The race will also be a filming location for the movie “Bombing Pakistan”. (At this race the first four scenes will be done.) “Bombing Pakistan” is a new downhill skateboarding documentary being produced with backing from the Dutch government..

    For additional information on the BGSA please visit

    (Thnx Boris for the changing of the dates, really awesome; my side, sorry for the fuzzzz)

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    Insul oder Holland?
    Das ist hier die Frage!

    ich glaube ich habe mich bereits entschieden :-)


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      aufgrund des holländischen IGSA rennens ist das kill hill rennen in insul eine woche vorverlegt worden.

      d.h. insul findet also am 17. und 18. juni 2006 statt

      fränky 8)
      just remember... there are no stupid questions. just stupid people who act like they know everything... everybody has to start somewhere, you'll figure it out soon enough


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        die 2006 IGSA European Championships in hollnad fällt leider aus.

        das kurvenrausch rennen in insul trägt nun die 2006 IGSA European Championships aus!!!

        fränky 8)
        -= es kann nur einen admin geben =-