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  • [BELGIUM] DOWNHILL SESSION 13/14 oktober

    DOWNHILL SESSION 13 and 14 october

    FROM DJE :

    I please to make you share my new home spotlight (in 10-15 min of my appart in Liège). Then to put you the water in the mouth I would say that it is decorations(sets) of the fôret of look after ( BXL) with the pins of Dampierre and the asphalt of hhhheeeeuuuuu perfect which! I him(it) made alone 4 times on my big fish on carving it's ok without problems (I have when same make warmed the sole several times LoL). Ya means to take many of speed in schuss on a board of DH ca it is clear then I waits for you numerous to me for patients' sessions!!! For me it is the best spotlight which I was able to wrinkle in Belgium, I place him(it) before HOUYET.

    Situation:rue of the sart tilman (opposite the stage of the standart of Liege on other bank)

    Long : 1,8 km

    Characteristics: full of pifpaf, 4 pins of insane with a great release in each one d'elle to miss itself in beauty, in the medium of wood within a framework of dream.

    Asphalt: new, black , smoothes like a skin of baby, very hooker .

    made uneven: 218m = > 120m is 98m. passages to 6/7% ,others with 8/9% to see 10% per place (kind before the pins) .

    Visibility: very good, the first pin is that where l'on the least best sees the cars which go up but the 3 others are perfectly visible


    The asphalt:

    Others pics :

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    Hey! Though a bit late.... it looks like a pretty funny spot to ride!!! We'll contact you, live not too far from liège!